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Welcome to our updated website!

This is going to be a promising year for EcoFique and our investors.

The production and transformation of raw materials is in the workings 2 years earlier than planned to produce and further develop our fertilizer and other products such as our high grade soil bio-activator, fungicide and nematicide.

Various developments are moving forward after the december-january 2019 holidays now that everyone is back to business, we are very pleased with the ongoing progress and great interest for our project from large and various other investors and buyers of our products.

We welcome you to visit our project and plantation.

Willem Janssen
President EcoFique
Our Vision: Chemical free cultivation and harvesting of healthy products worldwide by farmers in a sustainable organic agricultural environment.

EcoFique Opportunities

  • Invest to produce organic products for agriculture which will help improve the environment around us!
  • EcoFique applies the principles of a circular economy.
  • EcoFique its R&D organization and operations are based on 100% organic, ecological, production in balance with nature and our environment.
  • This results in a low risk, high yield, investment opportunity on our plantation.
  • A serious effort to reduce and replace the ever-increasing use of chemical products in today’s agriculture.

EcoFique matters!

Colombian Investment Opportunity for a Sustainable Agricultural Future.

“EcoFique Cares” ….

  • About an interesting, sustainable and sound investment proposal,
  • supported by scientific research and new visions,
  • which contribute to a more sustainable agriculture,
  • improvement of the environment and cultivation of healthy crops
  • without chemicals that eventually end up in your kitchen and food at home……
Read the presidents’ letter here

Our Vision and Work Ethic

“EcoFique Cares” ….  and requests your attention for;

  • EcoFique and its partners, established an R&D-driven enterprise, where innovation and continuous improvement are the central themes that drive its everyday decision-making.
  • The Fique plant traditionally cultivated for its excellent fibers also produces many other elements present in high concentrations in the juice and bagasse.
  • These, now wasted, elements are used to make excellent 100% organic fertilizers, fungicides and nematicides (a product to eliminate plant-parasites).
  • So reducing the serious environmental problem created by the dumping the Fique’s waste material.
  • With our registered technology we make the difference to change.
  • These new discoveries and insights to the Fique provide us with energy to focus on delivering on this vision and finding further new improvements in the future.

Short History of the Fique plant

Facing important ecological and environmental issues……

  • The Fique plant is well-known in Columbia and other Andes Regions in South America for centuries for its fiber production (clothing, shoes, bags, artwork and bags for coffee beans and many other applications).
  • The unused and now wasted Fique juice and bagasse contain many natural basic and specific elements and minerals needed for healthy plant growth.
  • The EcoFique group’s technology to put the Fique plant’s waste material into productive use resulting in unusually excellent organic fertilizers, fungicides and nematicides and has provided a significant breakthrough – both for the economics of Fique Cultivation and production as well as a solution to the serious environmental agricultural issues.

See here for more Fique plant information



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