• EcoFique Investment Opportunity
  • EcoFique Investment Opportunity

Why EcoFique

  • At EcoFique we understand that “innovation” pursued with partners who share our vision and values, is the answer to a brighter future and a sustainable food chain and environment.
  • Our mission: To produce 100% organic products for agriculture which help to improve the environment around us.
  • EcoFique is an example of the circular economy movement.
  • Our company stands for 100% ecological and biological principles, our R&D organization is constantly looking for reduction of risks, better yields, new product developments.
  • Efforts are aimed at finding solutions to stop the ever-increasing use of chemical products used in today’s agriculture.
  • At EcoFique, we cultivate and make 100% of the ingredients used in our production process to produce the products that are delivered to our customers.
  • EcoFique is proud of its innovative methods for cultivation and transformation methods or the Fique residues to help solve one of Colombia’s serious agricultural environmental problems.
  • We use all of the Fique plant’s specific elements and transform them into excellent quality 100% organic fertilizers, fungicides and nematicides.

What does EcoFique stand for ….

  • The EcoFique Company was founded by a number of enthusiastic Dutch and Colombian entrepreneurs who have been researching the bio-diversity and natural ingredients of the Fique plant for many years.
  • The innovative techniques developed by EcoFique go much further than traditional harvesting & defibring techniques to include the processing of the valuable waste materials into new innovative high-quality, vegetal origin fertilizers, fungicides and nematicides.

  • For over 50 years, much of Colombia – and in particular its agricultural heartland – was closed off to the outside world due to the country’s decades long civil war.
  • Only in recent years scientists ground to discover Colombia’s unprecedented biological diversity.
  • Several leading western R&D companies have already established themselves in Colombia with centers to investigate its vast unspoiled lands that were unknown where exotic plants grow in the countryside and jungle.

  • EcoFique’s strength is based on its founders’ close ties with EcoFingers Colombia S.A.S., whose R&D team is completely focused on investigating the active elements of the Fique and other plants and the use of these elements for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

  • This led to “EcoFique”, a company focused on organically cultivating Fique plants and our processing plant now separates and sells all the Fique plant components.
  • EcoFique is a very innovative, organic production oriented company – with newly registered intellectual property – we have developed sustainable solutions for the serious environmental problems with the cultivation of Fique in Colombia, while creating new, highly valued products for the worldwide agricultural sector.

La Esmeralda Plantation

  • Our Hacienda: La Esmeralda is located in the mountainous region (Cordillera Occidental) or the province of Valle del Cauca.
  • It offers an excellent natural environment for us to grow the Fique plant.
  • Our farm is located between 1050 and 1900 meters above sea level and offers completely clean and rich “organic” soil (tested at several locations).
  • The farm is set along the Rio Garrapatas which provides us with a continuous source of fresh water

See more pictures of the Esmeralda Plantation?  See our media page

EcoFique Team

Our team consists of International specialists mainly from The Netherlands and Colombia; our team has extensive experience in agriculture, innovative mechanization and in developing new business to create strategic value.


Willem Janssen

CEO EcoFingers SAS

  • Industrial Engineer and chemical specialist from Maritime Academy 3BSIII (Netherlands).
  • Extensive experience in managing companies in the agricultural sector, such as Bureau Driespan BV and Cargill BV.
  • For his achievements on issues related to international transport he was named honorary member of EVO.
  • Versalles is his hometown and has been in close contact with Colombia for 25 years.

Jan Willem van Otterlo

Jan Willem van Otterlo

CEO EcoFique Invest SAS

  • Business Administrator and MBA from Economic University of Rotterdam.
  • Extensive experience in managing companies in the agricultural sector in the African continent and in Spain.
  • Additionally, he has managed large capital investments projects, related to real estate, in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • During his 35 years of experience he has been awarded several international awards for his achievements.

Adriana P. Ospina Isaza

Adriana P. Ospina Isaza

Manager Local Authorities & PR

  • Adriana was born and raised in Manizales, but was partly also raised in Versalles Valle del Cauca, the family have been cattle farmers for several generations in the Versalles region and are aware of the issues concerning agricultural activities in this region of Colombia.
  • Adriana and the family are our partners who are also guiding EcoFique towards a joint success in this Valle del Cauca region.
  • Adriana is responsible for local Public Relations issues and assists the management of the business.

Mark de Hoogh

Investment Project Adviser

  • Mark has been working in the aviation industry for over 26 years now, he was recently promoted to Boeing 777 and 787 Captain by KLM.
  • His interest to invest in sustainable organic agriculture led him to contact EcoFique Invest and their organic investment opportunities in Colombia.
  • Mark and his wife with their three children live just south of Amsterdam.
  • At EcoFique Mark works on marketing and is the investor project adviser.

Jhon Didier Cardenas Nieto

R&D Manager

  • Chemical Engineer with a Masters in Optical Science (CIO Mexico), and specialist in Phytochemistry.
  • He has 8 years of experience as a researcher specializing in biophotonics and instrumental analysis.
  • Additionally, he has extensive experience in the design of chemical processes and industrial chemical laboratories.

Hebert Franco Arboleda

Groups CFO

  • Business administrator with an MBA in Management Administration and Masters in marketing from EUDE Business School – Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • He has more than 10 years of experience in administrative management or pharmaceutical operations, inventory control, negotiations and management or strategic business units, in companies such as Audifarma S.A, EVEDISA S.A.S and SGS S.A.S.


Juan David Janssen

Farm Manager

  • Computer engineer and data structure programmer from Zakine College (The Hague and Rotterdam).
  • Experience as Project manager in thermal insulation companies such as DIC Brandwering and Fermacell BV (Belgium).
  • He is currently the owner of Janssen Afbouw, a construction and thermal insulation company.

EcoFique Partners

  • Our co-operation with EcoFingers SAS gives us an immediate excess of a very sophisticated R&D laboratory with up-to-date equipment for a range of testing.
  • EcoFingers unique partnership allows us to develop new products and applications and international contacts with universities in The Netherlands, Colombia and other countries; with professional industry and agricultural partners including but not limited to McCain, Koppert, Barenbrug we are actively involved in trials, new product developments and improvements.
  • EcoFingers will start the construction from a production plant to produce high quality fertilizers, fungicides, nematicides and more products presently under development.
  • With CIA the Empaques SAS, Agricapital and other companies based in Medellin agreements are in place for the secured purchase of the fibers. CIA de Empaques is a long-established company focused on fibers in the Colombian and international markets.
  • We are in discussions with EcoPetrol SAS, the leading petrol company in Colombia, related to several possible projects where we would directly deliver pre-transformed fancy juice and bagasse in large quantities for the use of the production of products like: Methanol, Bio -Kerosene etc.
  • For our tax and legal issues in Colombia we are proud to work closely with PricewaterhouseCoopers, all contracts and agreements as well as future audits are being handled by PwC.
  • Bancolombia, the largest commercial bank in Colombia, is our banking partner.