Frequently asked questions


Question 1: What do we sell?

We sell investment opportunities in organic Fique Cultivars to be harvested and sold to local and international organizations.

  • We cultivate a plant that is native to the Colombian Andes regions called “Fique” also called Cabuya or Maguey.
  • EcoFique’s management has been developing its own specific methods for the cultivation of this very specific plant for over a decade.
  • Having strong R&D roots we are working together with agriculture universities to develop new applications for the large variety of extremely interesting elements of this plant.
  • It is a known fact that margins for agricultural companies mostly offer better ROI.
  • We sell to our investors one or more hectares agricultural land on our plantation in combination with the Fique Cultivation Contract to secure their investment.
  • Our prognoses for the investor’s ROI is an average NET return of around 25% on a yearly basis calculated over the full period of 15 years.
Question 2: Why should I invest?
  • We believe this to be an excellent opportunity with an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) to the new landowner on yearly basis of around 25%.
  • To diversify your investment portfolio with the production of innovative Organic AG products backed by an asset of 1 hectare of land.
  • Investment in a 100% sustainable organic agricultural enterprise working according to the new “Circular Economy” standards.
  • We have pre-sold all components of the Fique plants that we cultivate on a contractual basis.
  • We are a socially aware enterprise for our employees and the environment we are working in and with.
Question 3: How do I make money?
  • EcoFique will cultivate Fique plants on our plantation and all components of the Fique harvest will be contractually sold to our commercial buying partners.
  • The investor will receive a yearly ROI for a 15-year long period which is forecast to be around 24% on yearly basis
Question 4: Who protects my investment?
  • Colombian law is very strict due to the country’s history, all our contracts adhere to the Colombian law and regulations.
  • The investment is protected by the governing laws of the Republic of Colombia.
  • The investment company will be audited yearly by the well-known and respected organization PricewaterhouseCoopers who are our administrative partners.
Question 5: When does the ROI take place?
  • Yearly ROI payments will start at the beginning of year four (our book year ends at December the 31st).
Question 6: Is it possible to visit the plantation?
  • EcoFique Colombia in the months to come will start the construction of small rural guest-houses there for the use of our investors when they want to visit our Hacienda “La Esmeralda”.
  • We will rent out the guest houses for rural tourism with the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the splendid Colombian nature to go on horseback trails to enjoy the full beauty of the landscape during periods that we do not have investors visiting.
  • You are more than welcome to visit and stay with us upon your request
Question 7: Who watches the farm, project and land?
  • The La Esmeralda plantation is maintained and taken care of by the family Ospina, they grew up at this farm and are very connected to this land.
  • First of all our operating enterprise is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers on a yearly basis.
  • Main management consists of Dutch nationals with a extensive experience in leading (agricultural) investment projects in new economies like Colombia.
  • Our local partners also have excellent track records.
Question 8: Who controls the project?
  • The project is managed and administrated by the EcoFique organisation, EcoFique Invest controls the project.
  • Its internationally experienced management is being audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers…
Question 9: When do I get an update about the project and profit?
  • We have a website with news about our Hacienda “La Esmeralda”.
  • Live cameras are to be placed throughout our property in the near future.
  • We will be sending our investors an investment report about all the major happenings.
Question 10: Can I stop my investment at any moment?
  • Investors are always able to sell their “hectare of land”.
  • EcoFique will take care for a small fee to levy the Fique Cultivation Contract to a new investor in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Question 11: What happens after 15 year?
  • After 15 years it is possible for the investor to start up a second investment round with his land, it is up to the investor to start a new cycle or to sell his lot.
  • EcoFique will consult with the investor in year 15 of the investment period about the best option for the future.
Question 12: Who can invest?
  • Any legal person of legal age or entity can invest.
  • Investors can contact us directly in Colombia or contact our sales partners in Europe and/or the North American market.
Question 13: How can I invest?
  • Feel free to Contact us and we will explain all in detail to you.
  • After returning the Fique Reservation Form with all your personal details we will prepare and send you the contracts to start up your land ownership and cultivation contract in Colombia to enjoy a fifteen-year excellent return on your investment.
  • You are welcome to visit our Hacienda “La Esmeralda” and we will be happy to show you around our farm and tell you all about our investment plan.


Question 1: What are the chances and opportunities in Colombia?
  • Colombia is a new upcoming economy, we expect that the corporate tax system will further improve which will provide us and our investors with an extra net stimulant.
  • EcoFique works with established commercial partners who on a 15-year guaranteed contract basis will purchase the mayor part of our production enabling us to enlarge the plantation towards many more hectares in a relatively short period of time.
  • This will further improve the profitability and reduce the overall costs, thus providing positive effects on the company results.
Question 2: Who is leading my investment and when do I get a profit back?
  • Your money will be fully invested in our complete operation.
  • We have a transparent financial operation which is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • We established cooperation with PwC as our administrative partner and legal advisors for the security of our investors and their investments.
  • Yearly results are paid out to any account you prefer, once a year during the Colombian spring period.
  • The management and founders of EcoFique Colombia have secured a good fiscal and financial set up in Colombia
  • We have been very careful with our calculations and have built in many reserves.
Question 3: What are the risks?
  • Natural disasters such as extreme and long droughts, severe and long torrential rains, heavy storms, earthquakes that are beyond anyone’s control.
  • The largest risk would be exceptionally long and severe drought periods for the Fique cultivar, this is however mitigated by our own irrigation system covering the entire plantation.
  • Worldwide economic crisis, war, revolutions and other similar devastating events
  • Force majeure events in general.
  • We are sure that we will reach the predicted results, but as with any investment there is always a small chance that results can vary due to force major causes.
Question 4: What guarantees can you give me?
  • We have pre-sold all the Fique fibers (4%-6%) for the productive period of 12 years which results in an average net result of 20% over the entire plantations results, meaning that the excess volume of high value Fique residuals (94-96%) from the defibering and decanting process (juice & bagasse) is profit on top.
  • We guarantee a correct and professional process.
  • Main management will be involved in managing the farm and processes on a daily basis.
  • We are continuously busy to improve our results.
Question 5: What's in it for me?
  • We are offering our investors high returns on investment.
  • Possible compensation to your personal CO2 footprint.
  • Looking at our business sector such results are also made in similar agriculture sectors only we have been one of the first to offer a strictly controlled investment vehicle to our investors to enjoy such type of returns.
Question 6: What is the price?
  • The
    • cost structure of the investment is simple. The total price is USD$ 37.500,-.
    • This includes the purchase and trespassing of the property deed by notary of one (1) or more hectares,
    • And pays for the complete process of setting up, the infrastructure, apply the necessary irrigation systems, seeding, plant maintenance in the nursery, re-planting onto the final lots after ½ year, maintenance of the crop during the full 15 years from seeding to the 1st harvest to the last harvest, extraction and quality elaboration of the fibers and raw materials juice & bagasse, commercialize and sell the fibers and extracted raw juice and bagasse.

I want to invest now

Question 1: How can I invest now?
  • Decide for the future which is organic cultivation and the ecologically responsible production of organic products for agriculture and the food industry steering away from the worldwide devastating agro chemicals. Almost every day more proof is surfacing that the present traditional use of agro chemicals are increasingly causing environmental havoc and health issues.
  • Decide for an Investment with Excellent Returns on Investment (ROI).
  • Sign a Reservation Form with your personal details.
  • Sign the Land Purchase Contract.
  • Sign the Fique Cultivation Contract (FCC).
  • Sign the Internal Rules Agro Forestry Unit.
  • EcoFique Colombia S.A.S. will than return the signed contracts.
  • Transfer the respective payments.
  • EcoFique will then by way of a notary pass the assigned land deed to the investor within 6 months from the date of payment.
  • EcoFique will immediately start with seeding and preparing the investors land plot to later re-plant the 6 months old seedlings onto the assigned land-plot(s).
Question 2: How green and ecologic is this project?
  • Our hacienda and project is based on 100% organic and 100% environmentally friendly cultivation, no chemical products are used from start to end.
  • Hacienda La Esmeralda' soil is free of agro chemicals, the same goes for the separation of the various components. Ample soil samples were analyzed.
  • All components are processed by way of mechanical separation (de-fibered & juice and bagasse extraction).
Question 3: What does Eco-Fique do for the local comunity?
  • The modernized industrial methods of EcoFique Colombia S.A.S. and the use of all components (Circular Economy) of the harvested Fique plant leaf's solves a serious environmental problem which is already causing a revolution in the traditional Fique Industry.
  • Reasons why big companies like CIA de Empaques and others want to learn and work together with us.
  • They want to change their ways of working and cultivating and switch over to organic products.
  • Within our plantation we plan to teach English and provide classes to our employees.
  • Improvement and re-construction of the roads to the plantation and around the village of Versalles will benefit many persons in the direct area.


Question 1: What are the advantages of investing in Colombia?
  • New large upcoming economy in South America with a large (agricultural) market potential.
  • A stable investment climate created by the just installed government under President Mr. Ivan Duque
  • Reasonable low costs to date for cultivation and production.
  • EcoFique Colombia S.A.S. has long term guaranteed contracts with buyers for all of the Fique components .
  • These buyers are working on existing and promising new product lines and would like EcoFique to increase the capacity of planned hectares.
Question 2: Is Colombia safe?
  • Colombia has been known for his violent history, but those days have passed, tourism is peaking and increasing as well as international investments. The Colombian are proud of what has been achieved over the last 5 to 10 years!
  • Our project, this region and our business are 100% safe and secure.
  • We are supported in our project set up by;
    • The State Department of (Valle del Cauca) and
    • The Municipality of (Versalles) authorities
    • Ministers of Agriculture and Infrastructure from the Ivan Duque Government.
    • As well our administrative partner PwC.
Question 3: Where's the plantation located?
  • Our Hacienda is relatively close to the international airport of
  • Pereira is is 2½ hour drive away from our Hacienda “La Esmeralda”.
  • Our Hacienda is located in the very “nature” in the mountainous of the Cordillera Occidental within the department of Valle del Cauca known for its extensive agriculture industry.