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EcoFique’s innovative business:

EcoFique is a strong R&D driven organization that is developing and producing new innovative products for the Agriculture and Pharmaceutical industries.

EcoFique Colombia SAS is an agricultural company that is cultivating its own organic FIQUE which is a typical Colombian plant used for decades for their fibers. The fibers are currently used for the production of coffee bags and other household & decoration products, amounting to the use of only 5% of the total annual volume.

EcoFingers Colombia SAS, an R&D and production company, has developed unique patented solution (s) for the remaining 95% of the material and is transforming the juice and bagasso into unique fertilizers, nematicides and fungicides for the global agricultural industry.

EcoFique uses 100% of the Fique plant and as a result makes our group a sustainable “Circular Economy” enterprise.

Return On Investment

EcoFique Invest SAS offers an Organic Cultivation Investment model for sophisticated individual and institutional Investors.

EcoFique practices fairness and ethical business procedures in the way it deals with its staff and the communities in which we live and work in.


Key differentiators of EcoFique Invest:

  • Our current organic farming operation is growing into a 600 hectare fully organic plantation in a rural and safe Andean region of Colombia. In this location our group has the possibility to further scale towards some 2000 hectares in the near-term.
  • The product development of our fertilizers and nematicides is made in close cooperation with well-known global farming & consumer products companies. Colombia, due to its various climate zones and ecology, is an excellent location for intensive and effective trials.
  • Our group of companies has developed patented products for the Agricultural industry. In addition, EcoFingers Colombia SAS is also transforming the saponinen from the Fique plant into highly valuable API’s, such as Hecogenin and Ticogenin, that can be used by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Our full-service laboratory will also deliver a range of services to external clients in the southern part of Colombia for exporters and farmers.
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Mail to mr. Jan Willem van Otterlo

Presidents Letter:

Dear Investor,

Welcome to our EcoFique website, a letter introduction to our agriculture investment opportunity.

EcoFique Colombia S.A.S. is an independent company, we work with an accepted agriculture investment concept for our organic fique cultivation project and our group has a strong agotech and agricultural background. Our investment offerings are a straightforward opportunity to participate in a business that is cultivating and selling proprietary organic products to globally recognized commercial partners on a long-term basis.

Please come and visit us at our Hacienda “La Esmeralda” and we will personally give you a briefing of our very unique and meaningful project.

Best regards

Willem Janssen