Invest and Become a Landowner

Become owner of your own part of “Colombia”.

  • The investment starts with the Land Purchase Contract, which makes you a property owner, giving you title to land that forms part of the plantation where EcoFique grows Fique, in which you then participate as an investor
  • This purchase of a title to land will provide you with the ownership of part of the plantation, including all the beneficial rights.
  • Title to the land can be held by more than one person, your children and grandchildren can also share in the ownership, you could then assign your ownership rights to your family relative.
  • How appealing it would be for you to be able to provide the younger members of your family with a basic income from the plantation!”

Return On Investment

The 15-year financial & economic projection of EcoFique Colombia S.A.S., shows a clear picture to all our investors and is also available in form of a brochure.

Total Investment Price Per Hectare Fique : USD $37.500,-


If you’re interested

  • At EcoFique we are sure that our Financial Predictions will easily match the projected returns to our investors.
  • There are many factors that could further positively influence the presented results, for example we expect that the corporate tax rate will be reduced for companies like ours and that financial sales results will improve in general in the years to come.
  • The 15-year financial & Economic projection of EcoFique Colombia S.A.S., shows a clear picture to all our investors and is also available in form of the Brochure.

Please, request our Brochure here.

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Presidents Letter:

Dear Investor,

Welcome to our EcoFique website, a first introduction to our Agriculture Investment Opportunity.

EcoFique Colombia S.A.S. Is an independent company, we work with a known and accepted agriculture investment concept for our Organic Fique Cultivation project.

We secured 15-year guaranteed purchase contracts with an annual correction for inflation to deliver our “pre-sold” products to our commercial buying partners.

Our group has a strong AG Bio-Tech and Agricultural background, our farmland investment offer is a straight forward instrument to cultivate and sell guaranteed organic products to our commercial buying partners and -clients upon request.

The products our Agro Industrial partners develop and process are highly innovative and all organic vegetal based products are used for agricultural solutions and “high end” industrial use.

This is one of the many reasons why we are able to offer to our EcoFique investors; “yields” which are above the industry average.

Our AG Bio-Tech partners, innovative products are distributed to various large global players in the Fiber, Food and Agro industry.

Due to our extensive agriculture and project experience we are able to offer our investors; stable, sustainable and balanced returns with natural risks reduced to absolute minimum levels.

We know our business and we are in this business to see to the interests of our investors.

The respected financial company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are our administrative partners who see to all the legal & fiscal aspects of your investment.

PwC audit our company on a yearly basis so to have full transparency towards our investors and partners.

You are welcome to visit us at our Hacienda “La Esmeralda” to show you around personally and give you a briefing of our project, business and commercial set up.

Our hacienda “La Esmeralda” is not far away from the international airport of Pereira and we are at your disposal to arrange for a pleasant stay in spectacular Colombia close to our hacienda.

As part of the infrastructure our Hacienda in the near future will be offering 4 comfortable bed & breakfast cabins on our farm “La Esmeralda” in Colombia where you are welcome to stay during your visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery in and around our hacienda “La Esmeralda”.

An excellent basis for you to see what we are doing; how your Fique plants are growing on your plot(s) of land and to find out more about the nature and beauty of Colombia; our rural tourism staff will be organizing trips for our visiting guests to enjoy the colorful cultural experiences and what more Colombia has to offer.

See you soon…

Best Regards

Willem Janssen

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